ENDORSED: Echo Press Chooses Jay McNamar for MN House

On October 26, the Echo Press endorsed Jay McNamar for District 12A. The editorial is reproduced (in part) below:

EDITORIAL: Our choice for House: Kulp, McNamar

It’s time for changes in the Minnesota House.

The last session, marred by partisan bickering and an inability to compromise, was not a productive one, even though legislators had a $900 million surplus to work with. A bonding bill for public works and transportation funding failed to materialize. A tax bill fell victim to the governor’s veto because of a $100 million typo.

The GOP-controlled House also failed when it came to providing adequate funding for Local Government Aid, a lifeline for rural cities like Alexandria that use it to provide essential services at a reasonable tax rate. The DFL-controlled Senate proposed a $45.5 million increase, restoring LGA to 2002 levels. The House wanted to cut $85 million in LGA to Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth while giving no additional aid to other cities.

Another House district in Douglas County, District 12A is a rematch between Republican Jeff Backer of Browns Valley, now the incumbent, and challenger Jay McNamar of Elbow Lake.

We believe that Jay McNamar has a better sense of bipartisanship to end the gridlock in St. Paul. Backer’s campaign seems fixated on blaming Gov. Dayton and metro legislators for the session’s failures when it should be focusing more on solutions.

McNamar, having served as a mayor, has a good grasp of the importance of LGA. He realizes that a transportation bill must include a dedicated funding in order to fix roads and bridges.

McNamar is also a strong advocate for border-to-border broadband to help businesses, schools and farmers who need access to high-speed Internet.

McNamar has also demonstrated a concise understanding of MNsure, noting that it is simply an online marketplace to buy insurance, not a scapegoat for rising health insurance rates.

McNamar’s reasoned commonsense, experience and ability to see how the art of compromise can result in better outcomes for all of Minnesota make him the best fit for District 12A.

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Fighting for Small Town Minnesota

Representative McNamar put Western Minnesota communities first, delivering positive results:

• Voted for $20 million in emergency propane relief for rural homeowners and farmers, and supported investigating how to prevent propane shortages in the future
• Increased funding for schools in District 12A by over $3 million, including funding for all-day K. Every classroom in the district will see an increase in funding
• Removed the funding gap between metro and rural school districts, leveling the playing field for all Minnesota students.
• Increased funding for our local nursing homes, and provided home and community-based caregivers a funding increase for the first time in years
• Voted to increase Homestead Credit property tax refunds by $29 million for  homesteaded farms and homeowners in town
• 4,500 homeowners in our seven county area will see a larger property tax refund
• Voted for the 2014 Minnesota Jobs bill to complete important local bonding projects, including: a new Cyrus Public Safety Building, flood mitigation in Breckenridge, and facilities improvements at the University of Minnesota, Morris

Rep. McNamar Bills Signed Into Law in 2014:

• Funding increases for rural Minnesota counties harmed by high farm land values, including Big Stone, Grant, and Stevens
• Repealing sales taxes on farm and industrial equipment repairs
• Funding $750,000 in infrastructure grants for the DENCO ethanol plant in Morris
• Increasing funding for the West Central Initiative to give more assistance to small businesses and start-ups in West Central Minnesota
• Allowing local building inspections to be done by local inspectors, cutting red tape for local officials and business owners

Moving Minnesota Forward

Dear Neighbors,

The 2014 legislative session adjourned on May 16, a few days earlier than our required deadline, and the results will have lasting positive impacts for the small towns and farms in our region. I’ve been honored to serve our region at the Capitol, and I’m thankful for all of the good ideas that you’ve brought to me that were turned into law in the last two years.

When the session began in January of 2013, Minnesota property taxes were on the rise because of the devastating cuts the previous legislature made to essential service funding for cities and counties, we faced a state budget deficit of $600 million, and we owed our schools over $800 million. Our plan took the state in a different direction, investing in hardworking families and middle-class Minnesotans by:

  • Paying back the money borrowed from our schools
  • Making historic investments in education, from early childhood to college
  • Reducing property taxes for Minnesota families, farmers, and businesses
  • Supporting rural business development and creating more jobs in Greater Minnesota
  • Helping turn our budget deficit into a surplus

While we’ve made a good start, there is more work to be done to ensure we keep our state and community headed in the right direction and our middle class strong. I look forward to spending this summer and fall visiting with you about how we keep rural Minnesota moving forward.




“I’m running.”

Jay McNamar, Elbow Lake Mayor, announces he will be running for the House of Representatives District 12A.  The new district includes the counties of Big Stone, Grant, Stevens, Traverse, Wilkin, and part of Douglas and Pope.  McNamar says, “I am  running to help preserve and protect schools, cities, and the life style I have grown to love in West Central Minnesota.  We need to use a common ground, common sense approach to revive our economy, create jobs, and maintain our quality schools.”

In the past 3 1/2 years the city of Elbow Lake, under Mayor McNamar, has upgraded the infrastructure of the west side, built a new hangar at the airport, constructed a storm shelter at city owned Tipsinah Mounds Campground, created a community garden, refurbished the Goettzinger room in the community building, created a disc golf course, and put a new roof on the library while at the same time lowering the city budget by 4%.  This is a great example of how a council and employees can work together to create and improve a community during difficult economic times.

“I’m extremely proud of how we have all worked together, and I hope to encourage and continue this type of cooperation in returning our state to economic stability,” states candidate Jay McNamar.

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